Half Helix / Kit.

A Shopify build and development tool.

npm i -g @halfhelix/kit

We developed this tool for our own team at Half Helix but hey, we thought that there might be other people out there that could enjoy this so we made it public.

Webpack Browser Sync Babel Sass Live Reloading Stylelint Eslint Git Linting Git Auto MRs Gitlab CI Friendly Critical CSS Webpack Chunking Theme Naming + a whole bunch more!

Dev, Build + Deploy

This tool is used to setup a development environment, build the theme and deploy it to Shopify. If does a few other things too, like linting.

Configuration First

A lot of the default functionality is configurable through the kit.config.js file. There's close to 80 different ways to change the behavior.

CI/CD Friendly

We handle our linting, building and deployments through CI/CD using Gitlab. You can use this tool to help get away from running critical updates locally.